Dear FAWL Members and Colleagues,

The 2015 survey report by the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) on the retention and promotion of women in law firms informs that over the past decade, “Women continue to lag behind their male colleagues in their promotion to equity partnership and senior leadership roles, as well as in the amount of compensation they are paid.”  

A lagging environment for professional women across industries in America is echoed in findings by the 2016 study “Women in the Workplace” by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Co. which reveals women are still underrepresented at every corporate level.

Practicing law isn’t easy for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for women. We bring uniquely feminine ways of thinking and working to the legal profession. Sometimes those assets can be perceived as liabilities and we must take proactive steps to correct that misperception within ourselves and within the legal industry.

By developing women’s mental toughness, you can transform the way you think and act to overcome barriers within yourself and within the legal industry while ultimately transforming the results you achieve both as an attorney and as a woman.

What’s holding you back: Identify it. Overcome it.
For 2017, I’m excited to offer FAWL’s ‘Power of Attorney’ women’s mental toughness workshop series to help members get “unstuck,” build greater confidence and move forward in numerous areas:

The workshops will be led by Bobbi-Jo Brighton, CST, LCI, owner of Boldful.Life and an independent partner and coach with Mental Toughness University. Bobbi-Jo gave us our first look into women’s mental toughness at the September 2016 FAWL Annual Summit and she’s back to help you take action and learn how to practically apply the mental toughness principles into your daily life.

“Since the September mental toughness workshop with Bobbi-Jo, I’ve learned to speak up more and I successfully negotiated a higher bonus for myself. Without the training, I know I would have kept quiet, accepted what bonus was offered and thought that I need to work harder next year.”

~ Christine, FAWL Member

Space is limited—register now
As a FAWL member, you have the opportunity to select one of four live, interactive workshop topics to pursue, each providing 4 CLE credits with The Florida Bar. You’ll get a half hour one-to-one call with Bobbi-Jo, four online, web-base and mobile-friendly group coaching sessions and ongoing support through a private online forum. Because of the highly personalized nature of the workshops, each topic is open to just 10 participants.

So choose wisely, act quickly and get ready to build and strengthen your mental toughness muscle!

To your success and prosperity in 2017,

Leora B. Freire, President
Florida Association for Women Lawyers

Sign up today to secure your $50 early-registration discount by May 12th. Imagine shifting your perspective, changing your behaviors and improving your life and career for just $250.

Leora B. Freire, President FAWL


MAY 11, 2017
12:00 PM Eastern
Florida Association of Women Lawyers

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